Safran Completes First Test in Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Efforts

By Amy Kluber | July 24, 2018
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Ground run of Safran's first hybrid electric propulsion system

Ground run of Safran's first hybrid electric propulsion system. Photo by Remy Bertrand, courtesy of Safran

Safran completed the first ground test of a distributed propulsion system, marking a milestone for the company in its efforts to development a hybrid-electric power plant for future electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles.

The distributed propulsion system consists of a turbo-generator that is coupled to a bank of batteries, according to Safran. The company tested and validated several operating modes of the system, generating 100 kw of electrical power.


“Following the recent announcement of our partnership with Bell concerning 'mobility on demand,' this latest milestone clearly reflects Safran’s determination to invest in the development of hybrid-electric propulsion systems, which will be the foundation of future propulsion solutions,” said Stéphane Cueille, senior EVP for R&T and innovation at Safran.

Safran hopes to bring hybrid-electronic propulsion technology to the market by 2025.

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