Cabri G2 Pilots Can Use This App to Calculate Pre-Flight Weight Measurements

By Amy Kluber | August 17, 2018
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Cabri G2 Weight & Balance App

Image courtesy of North American Helicopter

Pilots of the Guimbal Cabri G2 now have a new app that calculates accurate pre-flight weight and balance metrics.

The "G2 Weight & Balance" app, currently only available for iPhone users, was developed by app developer happyMedium and Illinois-based charter operator North American Helicopter. It can access Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METARs), input important values and store previous flight information by tail number. The the main input screen allows for what-if scenarios and comparisons.


When a user sets it up for the time, he or she is prompted to input constants from the pilot operating handbook of the G2.

The team behind the app told R&WI it created the app due to the growing popularity of the Cabri B2 platform. It operates six Cabri G2s, as well as a Bell 212 and 206B3, and provides various services including training, power line and pipeline patrol, and medium-lift services. It trains its students on the G2s, the first of which it received in 2015.

An Android version of the app is expected to be released soon.

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