Mi-8 Crash In Northern Afghanistan Kills At Least 12

By Dan Parsons | September 4, 2018
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Mi-17, Mi-8

Mi-17/8. Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

An Mi-8 heavy-lift helicopter crashed Sunday in Afghanistan, killing at least 12 passengers and crew, including both Ukrainian and Afghan soldiers, according to multiple published reports.

The aircraft, owned by a Moldovan company, crashed Sept. 2 in northern Afghanistan with 14 passengers and crew aboard. Reports indicated two people — a Ukrainian crewmember and an Afghan soldier — survived the crash.


The Russian-made utility helicopter was operated by Moldova's Valan International Cargo Charter Co. An initial statement from the Afghan government put the death toll at 3, but subsequent reports list at least 12, perhaps 13, people perished in what was described as a violent crash followed by a fiery explosion.

Nazer Khuda Pamiri, deputy commander of Afghan forces in northern Afghanistan, said the helicopter crashed in Dehdadi district due to "technical problems,” according to reports.

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