Tennessee Authority Buys Third MD530F to Service Largest US Public Utility Area

By R&WI Staff | September 13, 2018
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MD 530F. Photo courtesy of MD

The Tennessee Valley Authority has purchased an MD Helicopters 530F, the third F-model in the service's fleet.

TVA's 530F is configured to support powerline utility, inspections and construction operations throughout the multi-state area serviced by the largest public power utility in the United States.


“The MD 530F is revered for its safe, reliable and cost-effective operation in a broad range of utility missions,” said Lynn Tilton, CEO of MD Helicopters. “We could not be more pleased that TVA chose to add another MD 530F helicopter to their fleet.”

TVA’s new MD 530F is the first commercially delivered F-model with MDHI’s newest all-glass single-engine cockpit equipped with a Howell Instruments Electronic Engine Instruments and Crew Alert System (EICAS), Garmin G500[H] TXi Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS) with touchscreen GDU 700P PFD/MFD and Garmin GTN 650 touchscreen NAV/COM/GPS.

Additional mission equipment includes the Fargo 21-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, Onboard Systems Talon LC Keeperless 3,600-pound Cargo Hook and Colorado Helicopters side hook bracket, high visibility main rotor blades and wire-strike protection.

“Helicopters utilizing a working platform to perform construction, maintenance, and inspection services, can complete work faster and more efficiently than a ground crew,” said David G Hill, general manager of TVA aviation services.  “The ability to deliver linemen directly onto the structure allows the work to be completed without impacting the surrounding environment.”

TVA is the largest public power utility in the U.S. and also one of the largest producers of electricity. Its service area covers most of Tennessee, portions of Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky, and slices of Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

TVA will take delivery of its new MD 530F in the fourth quarter this year.

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