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Heli-One Touts Operational Enhancements for EMS Operators

By Amy Kluber | October 16, 2018
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Heli-One AW169 Stretcher Rendering

Heli-One AW169 stretcher rendering. Image courtesy of Heli-One

Heli-One is promoting its emergency medical services (EMS) solutions at Helitech in Amsterdam this week. The maintenance, repair and overhaul service provider has released details about some enhancements it has tested on Sikorsky and Leonardo helicopters.

The company said it has been working directly with end-users to develop customized solutions, such as those in EMS. The company's teams in Norway and Canada work directly with crews to highlight priorities and efficiencies. The teams pool their data to develop solutions for multiple rotary-wing missions, such as integrating the latest navigation and communication tools in EMS cabins to lessen crew workload or implement multi-configuration cabin solutions to allow crews to adjust helicopter platforms for specific missions.


These tactics have contributed to minor enhancements seeing great impacts, according to Heli-One company releases.

One enhancement, a minor modification for a Sikorsky S-92 in search-and-rescue operations, led to more precise aircraft positioning in dynamic mission environments by creating a thumb-stick extension for the hoist pendant controller.

Another examined a one0month proposal-to-delivery solution for a stretcher modification for the Leonardo AW169, as detailed in a company-released case study. The study details the solution on EMS operator Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance. The base plate developed allows EMS crews to quickly adapt the stretcher position in accordance to patient transport standards, a company release said.

Copies of the case study will be available at the Heli-One booth. Members of the design and engineering team will also be on hand to field any questions about this or other projects.

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