Russia Showcasing Mi-38, KA-52K helos at Egypt Defense Show

By Frank Wolfe | December 3, 2018
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Russia is showcasing the Mi-38 and KA-52K helicopters at the first annual Egypt Defense Expo this week in Cairo.

Rostec, the state corporation that owns Russian Helicopters, said that the medium, multi-role Mi-38 is "one of the most highly automated civilian helicopters in the world."

The KA-52K began sea trials last year for the Russian navy, which said it will use the helo to perform a variety of roles, including attack, patrol, and search-and-rescue. The KA-52K has shortened, foldable blades, a modern avionics suite to allow navigation at sea, and a corrosion-resistant airframe.


Rostec said it "will hold a number of negotiations with traditional and potential operators of Russian helicopters" at the Egypt Defense Expo.

Interest in the Middle East in the recapitalization of helicopters appears to be growing. Morocco, for example, is in the midst of an acquisition process to replace the country's fleet of Airbus Gazelle utility and attack helicopters.

Last year, Airbus Helicopters observed the 50th anniversary of the Gazelle's maiden flight.

At the recent Marrakech Air Show, Bell displayed its AH-1Z attack helicopter and an H-1 cockpit demonstrator. Bell said that a number of countries in the Middle East have expressed an interest in possible buys of the AH-1Z and its utility counterpart, the UH-1Y.

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