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More AW139 Deliveries Upcoming for EMS, Firefighting, Search and Rescue

By Frank Wolfe | December 14, 2018
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Three AW139s are to be delivered to the Italian National Fire Corps and one to the Los Angeles Fire Department for firefighting, EMS, search and rescue, and disaster response, Leonardo said on Dec. 14.

Next year, the Italian National Fire Corps is to receive the three rotorcraft, which are to replace the Corps' AB412 helicopters, which have been in service "for decades," Leonardo said, adding that the Italian Air Corps may buy an additional dozen helicopters.

The AW139s are to feature an external rescue hoist, cargo hook with bambi bucket provision, weather radar, multi-band and satellite communication systems, high definition Forward Looking Infra-Red/Low Light TV (FLIR/LLTV) system, Leonardo’s high definition mission console with digital recorder, high definition down link, Leonardo’s Optical Proximity LiDAR System (OPLS), Night Vision Goggle (NVG) capability, new generation Trakka searchlight, emergency floatation system and external life rafts, external loudspeaker, medical rack and bubble windows.


Leonardo also announced that the Los Angeles Fire Department is to take delivery of its fifth AW139 by the spring of next year. Housed at Van Nuys Airport, the four AW139s have flown more than 7,000 hours since the first entered service in 2008 and have responded to more than 700 incidents annually.


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