WATCH: Airbus’ Vahana Hits 50 Flight Tests, Releases New Footage

By Brian Garrett-Glaser | February 22, 2019
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Airbus announced its self-piloted eVTOL aircraft, Vahana, has conducted 50 full-scale flight tests and posted a video of one flight test that includes a transition from vertical to forward flight.

"As 2019 gets underway, we wanted to provide an update as to where we are at with Vahana’s flight test campaign and what’s ahead," Airbus vice president of UAM Systems Zach Lovering posted on Medium. "To date we’ve flown 50 full-scale test flights totaling over 5 flight hours (our subscale model has flown 1,277 test flights and over 51 flight hours!). More flights are planned through at least the first half of this year as the team studies and checks flight controls, navigation, failure detection and mitigation as well as noise during flight. Those flight tests continue to take place at the Pendleton UAS Range in Oregon."

Watch the latest video of Vahana's flight testing below:


Vahana_Video from Kate Pokorny on Vimeo.

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