Heli-One Receives Certification from Canada, Malaysia for Multiple S-76B Upgrades

By Staff Writer | March 5, 2019
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Heli-One receives STC for S-76B VVIP luxury interior upgrade.

Heli-One receives STC for S-76B VVIP luxury interior upgrade. (Heli-One)

Heli-One has received supplemental type certification (STC) approval from Transport Canada and the Malaysia Department of Civil Aviation for a number of upgrades to the twin-engine Sikorsky S-76B, including a VVIP luxury interior as well as flight display and flight management system upgrades.

The STC for Heli-One’s VVIP luxury interior comes from an upgrade project recently completed for a customer in Asia, according to the company. The redesigned interior includes multi-spectral LED lighting, entertainment systems on demand, inter-cabin conferencing ability, external cameras, an all-leather interior and carbon fiber furnishings.


“Our entire team are privileged to work on this aircraft and we are certain the customer and their flight crew will enjoy the all-new interior,” said Eddie Lane, president of Heli-One. “The upgrades feature the latest in aviation technology to facilitate a truly first-class flight experience.”

Heli-One's S-76B flight display upgrade.

Heli-One’s STC approvals for its flight display and flight management system (FMS) upgrades come from the same customer project. The company touts these upgrades as a cost-friendly option for operators “who desire the modern S-76D-like avionics look and feel for other S-76 variants including the S-76A, C, C+, or C++ models,” according to Heli-One.

The upgrade package replaces analogue systems with digital avionics, including EFI-890H advanced displays capable of customization in a pilot-friendly interface, with multiple screens to allow for special mission equipment integration.

“This STC is an acknowledgement of the great work done by our team in bringing this project to a successful conclusion,” said Lane. “This is our first modernization upgrade done for the S-76 and we are excited to present this option to the industry as a way to add additional years and value to this versatile aircraft type.”

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