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Leonardo To Debut New Aircraft Threat Warning System in Paris

By Staff Writer | June 16, 2019
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Leonardo's MAIR threat warning system.

Leonardo's MAIR threat warning system. (Leonardo)

Leonardo will exhibit a new missile warning system at the Paris Air Show this year that offers enhanced situational awareness and survivability for aircraft crews through distributed cameras that provide complete spherical coverage.

The company’s “Multiple Aperture Infra-Red,” or MAIR missile warning system, will provide effective missile warning, hostile fire indication and full infrared search-and-track functionality. The MAIR system can be installed on a wide range of platforms, including combat aircraft and helicopters, surveillance and transport platforms and business jets, according to Leonardo.


The MAIR system is composed of a number of high-resolution infrared cameras installed around the aircraft and a processor which employs algorithms to process the raw imagery collected, according to Leonardo. The strength of the system comes from years of experience refining its proprietary search-and-track algorithms — employed on fighter aircraft such as the Gripen E and Eurofighter Typhoon — resulting in a high probability of detection and early warning and a low false alarm rate, even in heavily cluttered airspace, the company claims.

In addition to detecting, tracking and classifying incoming objects, MAIR can proceed to rapidly cue a countermeasure system after determining one to be a threat.

MAIR was successfully tested during live-fire surface-to-air launch trials in 2018, according to Leonardo, and is expected to be ready for full production in 2020.

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